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10+ Easter Nails We’re Obsessing Over

Image 10+ Easter Nails We're Obsessing Over

Easter is right in the corner, which makes Easter nails something to celebrate! Spring is all about sunlight, rabbits, floral motifs and bright colors. This manicure will put you in the Hoppy mood! If you’re a nail teacher giving this nail a look try yourself, if not, head over to your favorite salon and ask for one of these Easter-inspired manicures. Pick your favorite manicure below and hop on for it!

Image 10+ Easter Nails We're Obsessing Over

Image 10+ Easter Nails We're Obsessing Over

Image 10+ Easter Nails We're Obsessing Over

1. Neutral Floral Nails

This Easter inspired nail view may take more than the right hand, but it looks beautiful when it’s done!  Use a neutral color as the main coat that will cover your entire nails. Picking a Pink blush, or a nude color will keep the look simple and have a focus to the flower. When it’s time to do flowers don’t worry about being too precise! It looks feminine and floral!

2. Polka Dots

Polka Point is a fun Easter inspired nail look. Choose your favorite pastel or bright color to paint the nails and then use a white fine brush to create the polka dot dots. This nail look is a little easier to do, but it still looks very cute for spring!

3. Speckled Egg Nails

This does not get more Easter than this inspired nail looks. The Egg nail speckled is another simple design that is perfect for the spring. Nail polish Each of the different pastel colors. Violet Purple, Pink blush, light yellow or blue egg Robins will all match this design so well. Use the sparkles of different colors to create the egg spots effect!

4. Pretty Pastels

Keep it simple and paint your nails enough pastel colors. This Easter inspired nail look will go with any outfit. The Pastel is trendy during spring and they will make you look for the classics. Choose one color, or paint the nails of each different color! Either Way, you’ll be jumping into the spring with cute nails.

5. Easter Basket Nails

A pastel manicure filled with squiggles, dots and colors! This Easter inspired nail view lets you get creative and have fun with it. Turn your nails into Easter eggs by adding different designs and colors. This look shows you fun and ready for Easter!

6. Accent Bunny Nails

Easter Bunny jumps into your nails to see this Easter inspired! Paint your nails every color of your desires and then add a rabbit pop-up to one or two of your nails in each hand. Still using bright colors and styling brushes to create rabbits!

7. Pretty In Pink

Keep your nails classic and cute This Easter with pink nails. No need for any design, or pattern, just one color is needed and paint! This is the best if you like something simple, but still want to be in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to be beautiful in this Easter pink color!

8. Diagonal Colored Nails

Choose two colors of your favorite spring and create a diagonal design on each nail. It creates shapes onto your nails, but it still looks fun! This is the perfect nail view for you to do because it’s easy, but still looks professional and well done! Check out these nails now to shine this spring!

9. Striped Nails

The striped pattern is a fun and colorful nail look that this Easter must try, or spring. It’s not quite a Easter basket, but it still gives the feeling of it spring with its bright colors and designs. Choose some of your favorite colors with a neutral bottom layer and you’re ready to try this design!

10. Bright Plaid Nails

This preppy nail look is perfect for Easter and spring! It adds a touch of color to the simple nails and it’s relatively easy to do! Select two or three colors and begin the Easter-inspired checkered design. It’s fun and will look funny with any look!